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Formatting text messages and server names

To apply colors, bolding or other formatting to text messages you can place several special commands in the text messages. The following are at least supported:

  • [C=######] - colors the message, you need to replace ###### with the right color value. It follows the same Red Green Blue model than HTML code, e.g. 000000 is black, FFFFFF is white, FF0000 is red and so on. Note that you don't need the # prefix, unlike in HTML.
  • [B] - bolds the text
  • [U] - underlines the text

Only colors and underlinings are supported in the server names. Remember that overusing these commands is considered very n00bish!

Applying text formatting to keybinded messages

It is possible to bind a key to some user action, like sending a text message to other users. The formatting codes mentioned above are also supported. For example, in coop, you could bind some keys to report your findings from the optiwand.

To do that you need to edit file called SWAT 4\Content\System\User.ini Find the lines with the appropriate keys and add your command after the = character. All the console commands are supported here. As a reminder, Say sends a message to all players and TeamSay sends a message to your team.

Now you can add stuff like:

NumPad7=TeamSay [C=EE0000][B]One suspect visible
NumPad8=TeamSay [C=EE0000][B]Multiple suspects visible
NumPad9=TeamSay [C=00EE00][B]Civilian(s) visible

Those are for coop, just use your imagination to create more...

You can also add multiple commands to a single keybind by separating the commands with a vertical line, "|".

Enable colored server names on the top of the scoreboard


Open your SwatGui.ini file. Search for


and add below:


So now it should look like this:

Caption=Swat4 Server