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Tactical Equipment

In the game, you can only use one type of tactical tool at a time. You can change the tool by pressing a key on the number row (0-9).

  • Key 1: Primary Weapon - This can either be a lethal shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, or some of these non-lethal weapons:
    • Less Lethal Shotgun - This shotgun is loaded with beanbag ammunition that will stun anyone when hit. Even toughest suspects will comply after being hit with enough beanbags.
    • Pepper-ball Gun - Loaded with a large (200) supply of small pepper balls that will make people cough when hit. Note: will NOT affect gasmasked suspects.
    • Grenade Launcher (TSS only) - A direct-fire weapon that will shoot grenades (that will bounce from any obstacles). Ammo pouch will increase the supply of grenades greatly. Note: the projectiles are lethal when hit someone on the head.
  • Key 2: Secondary Weapon - This can either be some of the lethal handguns (9mm Handgun is preferred), or a powerful stun gun:
    • Taser - A single-fire, short-range stun gun that will make almost any suspect comply.
    • Cobra Stun Gun (TSS only) - Can fire the darts twice before requiring reload. Also has a touch-stun mode (melee attack) that will NOT consume any ammo. Accuracy is bad unless aimed properly.
  • Key 3: Flashbang Grenade - This is the preferred grenade for coop. Stuns any possible suspects. Players will not be affected at all when wearing the helmet.
  • Key 4: CS Gas Grenade - This grenade has the advantage of 'engulfing' a room, so the suspects that don't have a line of sight to the grenade will also be affected. Players will be affected unless wearing the gas mask. Obviously, suspects wearing the gas mask will also NOT be affected.
  • Key 5: Sting Grenade - Using this grenade is not preferred in coop, since flashbangs can accomplish everything stingers will do, and not stun team members when accidentally hit.
  • Key 6: Pepper Spray - A somewhat unrealistic or overpowered short-range spray weapon that will make most suspects comply. Note: will NOT affect suspects wearing gas mask.
  • Key 7: Breaching Device - This can be either of the following:
    • C2 explosive - An explosive device that is deployed on doors. Will stun or incapacitate any nearby people behind the door.
    • Breaching Shotgun - Shotgun modified to fire breaching rounds, which will enable a much more rapid entry into rooms. A major downside is that it does not have the C2's stun effect.
  • Key 8: Toolkit - Can be used to pick locks on doors and remove door wedges. Always available.
  • Key 9: Optiwand - An extremely useful intelligence-gathering tool that is deployed under doors or around corners to see into unknown areas without exposing yourself to hostile fire. It is recommended to mirror under the door(s) before making entry into an unknown room.
  • Key 0: Wedge - Tactical wedge used under doors to prevent them from being opened. This will stop any running suspects. Use the wedge to block any doors you can not cover, especially if there is a chance runners would try to use the door.

Tips and tricks by the developers

  • The optiwand is a critical tool. If you do not plan to carry a wand, it is a good idea to make sure more than one AI officer is carrying an optiwand in case one with the wand is incapacitated during a mission.
  • It is a good idea to optiwand around blind corners. Your AI officers can also be ordered to optiwand around most corners.
  • Increasing the difficulty will also increase the morale of suspects and civilians.
  • Civilians or suspects who are not compliant at first can be made to comply using non lethal weapons such as the less-lethal shotgun, tazer, or grenades. An effective way to make suspects and civilians comply is to shoot them with a lethal weapon in a non-lethal area such as in the leg or the arm. However, you will achieve higher scores for not injuring civilians or suspects.
  • Any suspects caught behind a door that is being blown by C2 will be momentarily stunned.
  • Crouching, moving slowly, and firing in short bursts keeps the targeting reticule tight and will make your shots more accurate.
  • Officers ordered to STACK UP against a door will also automatically check the lock and report whether or not the door is open.
  • Grenades are best used before entering and clearing rooms. Make sure to select the best grenade for the situation.
  • Most primary and secondary weapons are equipped with a flashlight. Use these to illuminate dark areas that are difficult to see in.