Hello. On this website you can browse the SWAT 4 wiki, a help site dedicated to the computer game.

I have also made some maps for SWAT 4. You can see the most notable works on the table below.

Name Version Release date Mod required Modes supported Notes
Cave System RMX 1.1 2010-02-23 n/a COOP
Shipping Terminal 1.0 2009-07-07 TSS 1.0 COOP, BS, RD, VIP, S&G Screenshot
Cave Complex 1.0 2008-01-06 n/a SP, COOP Screenshot
Swanky Mansion 1.0 2007-10-23 TSS 1.0 COOP

Also take a look at the wiki to find more maps and mods for download.

You can send any feedback to this address: address