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Keyboard Shortcuts for the Swat 4 Level Editor

Delete	Delete selected actors
F1	Help
F4	Actor properties
F5	Surface properties
F6	Level properties
F7	Compile changed scripts
F8	Build options

The following section applies only to the selected viewport

B	Toggle brush visibility
E	Toggle event lines
F	Toggle fog visibility
H	Toggle actor visibility
K	Toggle backdrop visibility
O	Toggle volume visibility
P	Toggle realtime update of the viewport (CPU intensive)
S	Toggle selection highlight
T	Toggle terrain visiblity
W	Toggle static mesh visibility
.	Toggle visibility of path nodes
,	Toggle visibility of path node connections
A	Toggle visibility of a network connecting path nodes (exact purpose unknown)
L	Toggle extra information (lights affecting etc.) of the actor selected
I	Toggle name+event+tag labels of ALL actors
Shift-A	Select all actors
Shift-B	Select all surfaces belonging to the selected surfaces' brushes
Shift-C	Select adjacent coplanar polygons
Shift-D	Duplicate selected actors
Shift-F	Select adjacent floors
Shift-G	Select surfaces belonging to the selected surfaces' groups
Shift-I	Select surfaces with items matching the selected surfaces' items
Shift-J	Select all adjacent surfaces (flood-fill)
Shift-L	Look ahead in the current viewport (no pitch or roll)
Shift-M	Memorize selected surfaces
Shift-N	Select none
Shift-O	Select surfaces from intersection of selected surfaces and memory
Shift-P	Select all surfaces
Shift-Q	Reverse the set of selected surfaces
Shift-R	Recall memorized surface selection
Shift-T	Select all surfaces which use the current texture
Shift-U	Select union of selected surfaces and memorized surfaces
Shift-W	Select adjacent wall surfaces (flood-fill)
Shift-X	Select exclusive or of selected surfaces and memorized surfaces
Shift-Y	Select adjacent slanted surfaces
Shift-Z	Select none
Ctrl-A	Add brush to world
Ctrl-B	Load brush
Ctrl-C	Copy
Ctrl-D	Deintersect brush with world
Ctrl-E	Save as ...
Ctrl-L	Save level
Ctrl-O	Load level
Ctrl-P	Play level
Ctrl-N	Intersect brush with world
Ctrl-R	Redo
Ctrl-S	Subtract brush from world
Ctrl-V	Paste
Ctrl-W	Duplicate
Ctrl-X	Cut
Ctrl-Z	Undo

Mouse+Keyboard Shortcuts

L + mouse click	Add light there
Quick Texture Pickup: Alt + Right-Click on a surface in the 3D textured viewport. 
  The surface does not need to be selected. Any currently selected surfaces stay selected.
Quick Texture Paste to a single surface: Alt + Left-Click on a surface. 
  This is independent of the current selection of surfaces.
Quick Texture Paste while preserving rotation/scaling/panning: CTRL + ALT + Left-Click on a surface.