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SWAT4 Tools

Toolkit v3.1.png Map Loader v1.1.png Map Installer v1.0.png

  • SWAT4 Toolkit v3.1
    • Disable Initial Dispatch, Disable Civilian Screams, Enable Colored Server Names, Enable Name Fix or Convert your screenshots from BMP to PNG format with a single click.
  • SWAT4 Launcher/Map Loader v1.1
    • This tool allows you to load a map or join a multiplayer server using direct IP outside the game.
  • SWAT4 Map Installer v1.0
    • Can be used for installing custom maps.
  • Author: sumar
  • Download (4.4 MB)

SWAT4 Advanced Tactical Center (ATC) v2.0

  • Authors: Sleepdoc & Strangelove (based on an ATC for R6:Lockdown made by
  • Download (20.9 MB)
  • Screenshot
  • Description: The ATC provides floorplans for all Swat4 and TSS maps, drawing tools to work out tactics and the option to host a server to share and discuss tactics online with your friends or clanmates. Also nice for training purposes or new players who are not yet familiar with the maps.