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Main SWAT 3/4 web resources

Currently this is the most significant community hub for SWAT 4 content.
Lots of general info on the SWAT 3/4 franchise.
Unfortunately this website has been taken down, so the Internet Archive link has been provided.

Fixing the server list

Gamespy shut down the official master server back in 2012, so if you attempt to refresh the server list, nothing will be visible. There are several patches available to fix the server list, however, none of them are guaranteed to have 100% coverage of all public servers.

A recommended patch with no known side effects is provided by Just download Engine.dll corresponding to your game version, replace the file in System directory with it, and the server list will be visible again.

Installing custom maps

  1. Download the maps you like. For example, this website hosts the Mega Map Pack. If the packs have .exe installers, just click them and follow the on-screen instructions. Sometimes you need to supply the SWAT 4 installation directory if the installer doesn't detect it. If the files are zip compressed, then read below.
  2. Open the file with an archiver such as 7-Zip.
  3. If you are installing Mega Map Pack, you can just unzip everything to the root SWAT 4 folder while using the setting extract with full pathnames.
  4. Otherwise, extract different file types separately according to the following:
    • If you know the map is for TSS ONLY, then replace "Content" with "ContentExpansion" below.
    • *.s4m => SWAT 4\Content\Maps
    • *.utx => SWAT 4\Content\Textures
    • *.usm => SWAT 4\Content\StaticMeshes
  5. Installing all the maps under Content does not prevent the game from running, but it may cause a crash if you try to play TSS only maps from vanilla SWAT 4.

Playing custom maps

Not all custom maps support all gamemodes. The maps have a naming convention in which SP or COOP only maps are given SP- prefix, and adversarial mode (BS, VIP, RD, Smash & Grab in TSS) maps have MP-. You can open maps that are for multiplayer only also in single player, but all the AI characters will be gone. Without Mega Campaign Mod, custom maps don't show up in the Career Menu, so you have to start them via console.

Opening maps in single player

  1. Open the console (usually the key left to "1" or "~") and type in open XYZ without the quotes, whereas XYZ is the filename of the map without the extension. For example, if the mapname is sp-dark_scarlet.s4m, type in open sp-dark_scarlet. See also other console commands.
  2. Now the map will start directly, so if you want to adjust your loadout you have to restart the map. To do that DO NOT use the restart button in the debrief screen, but open the console again and enter reconnect.

Alternatively you can use a mission loader tool that allows you to start SWAT 4 with a selected custom map.

Custom maps in multiplayer

If you are hosting a server, you'll see the custom maps show up in the same menu than the official maps – no extra effort required. But if you join a server that uses custom maps you don't have, you'll drop from the server as soon as one of these maps is being loaded. So basically you need to know which maps are on the server. Check the welcome messages, and go to the clan's website and have a look if they provide links to the maps, or even a map pack.

Major mods for SWAT 4

You've played every map 100 times, you know each like the back of your hand and you're actually able to get 100% score standing on your head, then the following modifications are for you, because they offer new weapons, kit items, maps and other enhancements.

All of these mods will install themselves into seperate subfolders of the main SWAT 4 folder, so they don't overwrite any original files and thus you're still able to play the original, unmodified game.

11-99 Enhancement Mod v1.35

CODE 11 - Authentic SWAT Mod v1.12

  • Author: .338LapuaMagnum
  • Download
  • Size: 9 MB
  • Focus: Realism, Single Player
  • See the readme for changelog.

SWAT4 - The New York City Finest v1.0

  • Author: OfficerIgor
  • Download
  • Size: 37.7 MB
  • Focus: Realism, NYPD graphics

Major mods for SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate

SWAT: Elite Force

Canadian Forces: Direct Action v4.1

  • Author: Canadian Army + many modders
  • Download
  • Size: 743 MB
  • Focus: Realism, Army Training
  • Clearly the largest, most comprehensive mod. Lots of new maps and many other new features.

H.S.M. Enhancements Mod v3.0: Reloaded

  • Author: [ATL]Zeus_CST & [ATL]kAz
  • Download
  • Size: 66 MB
  • Focus: Gameplay
  • Suspect AI is extremely fast in this one. Extra challenge.

SSF Realism Mod v3.2 FOR TSS

SAS Mod v1.1