Command line parameters

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Swat4.exe and Swat4X.exe (the game executables)

To use command line parameters, right click on the shortcut that you usually use to start Swat 4 or TSS, choose properties, and add the commands you would like to have to the target field, right after the path to the executable, e.g.

"C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content(Expansion)\System\Swat4(X).exe" -nointro -windowed

  • -log - Runs with the log window initially visible. The log file can always be found from SWAT 4\Content(Expansion)\System\Swat4(X).log
  • -nointro - Skip the intro movies and ads (very convenient).
  • -windowed - The game starts in windowed mode.
    • To enable this parameter you need to open a file at SWAT 4\Content(Expansion)\System\SWAT4(X).ini. Find a line called Suppress=WindowedMode and change the line to ;Suppress=WindowedMode. This needs to be done for each mod you play. Now you can also use Alt-Enter to switch between modes.

Joining multiplayer servers directly from the command line

"C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content(Expansion)\System\Swat4(X).exe"

Replace with the actual server address and player with your nickname. It is also possible to combine other command line flags like -log with this method but they must be listed after the server address. Beware that using reconnect command after joining a server using this command will make the user interface non-functional and you will be not able to play normally on the server anymore.

SwatEd.exe (the level editor)

  • -nogamma - Disable the screen gamma adjustment upon switching to the editor window, which looks distracting. You can't see the detail in Dynamic Light mode very well then, but overall -nogamma looks better.