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Enable special characters (e.g. [<]{>}|) in the nickname

Open Content\System\Default.ini and locate this line under the [Engine.Engine] header:


and change it to:


Now do the same thing for:




If the 'eng' line doesn't exist in Swat4(X).ini ignore the step. Congrats, now you can now enter your tags again.

Also if the server is running an UK version, this fix should also be applied on that by making these same changes on:



Toggle VoIP (TSS ONLY)

Some players would prefer the ability to toggle the in-game VoIP (Voice over IP) effectively making it so you must push your key to begin the chat and then push it again to stop, instead of the usual method which requires you to hold the button down while talking. To allow this do the following:

Open the User.ini file in Sierra\SWAT 4\ContentExpansion\System (will only be created once you have played the game if this is a fresh install) and find the following line:

Aliases[37]=(Command="Button bVoiceTalk",Alias="VoiceTalk")

and change it to:

Aliases[37]=(Command="Toggle bVoiceTalk",Alias="VoiceTalk") 

In-game advertising

Version 1.1 patch to SWAT 4 introduced in-game real advertisements (more info) which are also present in the TSS. The system was supplied by Massive Incorporated. The advertisements are downloaded transparently in the background using HTTP. This information is provided for legacy purposes only as the feature is unlikely to work again when the remote servers are shut down.

If you wish the disable this 'functionality', the server can be prevented from being contacted by modifying your computer's DNS resolving system.

Place the following lines in %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows:

Now the software will just attempt to connect your local computer when getting the ads, and get no response.