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Importing static meshes to the level editor

This tutorial describes the steps required to import ANY static meshes or textures from ANY Unreal engine game to the SWAT 4 level editor. The tools are also capable of importing meshes containing multiple textures. No expensive software licenses required.

Required software

  1. Get the latest version of UModel or just clone it from git.
  2. Get Milkshape 1.8.4.
  3. Install Meowcat's ASE format exporter plugin for Milkshape 3D. Just unzip it to the MS3D's install directory.

Basic workflow

  1. Open the source Unreal package in UModel.
  2. Navigate to the mesh/texture in question and export it with Ctrl+X.
  3. The exported .tga textures can be imported to the editor without further steps, but you still have to create shaders manually.
  4. Rename the exported .pskx file to .psk because Milkshape will only look for .psk extension by default.
  5. In Milkshape, select File > Import > Unreal/UT PSK/PSA
  6. Select File > Export > ASE for UEngine exporter by Meowcat
  7. Now you should have an .ase file ready for importing to the level editor. In the static mesh browser, select File > Import.
  8. The mesh's textures will be blank in the editor so you have to assign them manually also.